(n). a love returned in full

Sultry rock, edge pop - fueled by vengeance and vulnerability.

Modern Relationships are Strange.

Ever since Covid we have been living in a digitally induced haze.

Every relationship, every friendship starts and ends online

Liking your best friends instagram post you haven't seen in months;

Swiping right to find your soulmate;

"Interacting" with the world when we have barely stepped outside in years.

We want to create unique events and experiences so you can experience love returned in full,

and get back into life rather than likes and comments among friends who are turning into strangers.

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NEXT SHOW: Fri 9/22

The Coast, Fort Collins

Take a Breath

“Take a Breath” is a self-reflective reminder that we live in the present and can find empowerment in who we have already become.

The single invites listeners into an atmosphere that is upbeat and danceable, yet dynamic, introspective, and wistful. Building momentum over only 3 minutes, the lush production and rich harmonies support powerful lyrics that take you on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. 

An ode to the past, and who can choose to be after it -

Let “Take a Breath” transport you to a place where you can truly exhale.

Keep Dreaming

“Keep Dreaming” explodes with attitude and riffs reminiscent of Queens of The Stone Age, fused with the sarcasm and sex appeal of No Doubt. 

Fiery, rebellious, and empowering, this tongue-in-cheek societal critique is sure to keep dirtbags on the run.

Here is your next hot girl anthem.