Masquerade Rock (10.21.23)

Post-pandemic life is weird.

After going through years where we barely saw our friends, never interacted with strangers, and our primary point of connection was through video call... Going out doesn’t feel quite the same.

Recently, as we’ve gone out to shows, we've realized that we always stay in our small group of friends. We would go out, hang around a crowd of people we didn’t know, and then go home without meeting anyone new.

Which sucks.

And it left us wanting more.

We crave connections at Redamancy. Music has been the primary connector for all of us; yet when we go to shows, we still feel cut off in a post-pandemic world.

We want to change that.

By creating unique events and experiences so you can experience love returned in full,

and get back into life rather than likes and comments among friends who are turning into strangers.

What is Masquerade Rock?

This isn’t your typical rock show.

If you want to go, stand in the corner, and listen to music… this isn’t the show for you. But if you are interested in building meaningful connections and creating new relationships, be our guest!

The evening will play out as follows:

When you arrive, you will be sorted into one of four groups based on your personality: A wolf, a phoenix, a viper, or a tiger. (Be sure to take our personality test before you get there!)

Once you have been placed in your group, you will be given a masquerade mask to wear throughout the night, along with a small note card.

Your goal for the evening will be to figure out the personality types of the strangers around you. We will be giving you clues and questions throughout the show to help you with this.

Winners will be awarded prizes.

Meaningful connection is how you win.

We hope you enjoy a night of music and intrigue, and that you leave the show with a couple more friends than who you arrived with!

Why are we doing this?

Redamancy (noun; red-a-man-see") means a love returned in full.

Every friendship and relationship we have created over the years has, in one way or another, revolved around music.

The reason why we dedicate our lives to music is because it has been the vehicle we use to create deeper meaningful relationships.

And when we are at shows in a post pandemic world, we are seeing how closed off and disconnected we are. The whole audience is.

We wanted to create something to change that,

so we decided to do something about it.

We hired a marketing expert.

We spent months developing this show.

We even wrote a book about the best date spots around Denver

(that you will get for free!)

All of this, to create an event that will help us all connect.

To get out of the corner of the concert and start interacting with each other.

We hope our fans are able to create meaningful connections with each other through our music, just as we have done.

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